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Working against resistance on the Springboard


Make Pilates an enjoyable part of your weekly routine and feel the benefits of increased flexibility, better posture and improve your general wellbeing.


We offer a full programme of daytime and evening group classes, as well as private or semi-private tuition, at our well-equipped studios in the heart of Lymington.


Our classes are small - no more than eight students for mat classes – so expect plenty of one-to-one tuition from our experienced instructors. We are the only studios locally with fully fitted Springboard and Reformers - an excellent way to advance your Pilates techniques more quickly.


Contact Us if you are new to Coast Pilates and interested in booking classes or if you would like more information. 

We have recently added Barre Pilates to our programme, so sign up for this session on a Wednesday lunchtime for a whole-body workout. This session is suitable for those who want to improve fitness and with a good grounding in Pilates.

Civilisation impairs physical fitness.

Joseph Pilates.

Studio in Queen Street, Lymington

Regularly practised by millions globally to counteract some of the effects of modern living, Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century to improve physical and mental health.

It is one of the few body conditioning routines which benefits anyone, whatever their fitness level or ability. You learn to control breathing and build flexibility and strength, quickly mastering techniques to control the group of muscles at the centre of the body including the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks and inner thighs, using purposely designed equipment.

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