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Rebecca Coetzee 

Founder of Coast Pilates 

When Rebecca started a studio in the conservatory of her house in Ramley Road, it was with the vision of offering quality Pilates locally. She used her passion for Pilates, her experience as a rehab Physiotherapist and an instinct to bring joy to those around her, to develop a business which quickly grew through word of mouth.

When the studio in Roundhouse Court became available, she decided that this simple business model would work on a larger scale, so Coast Pilates was born.


She offered a Pilates-only environment, with small classes, a pleasant space and high-quality equipment, so members could enjoy the very best experience of Pilates in this area.

Most important to Rebecca was maintaining a personal touch, including getting to know each client and offering flexibility so Pilates could fit around your busy lives. This simple philosophy still holds firm today with a much increased client base and a full team of instructors running 30 classes a week, across the three Pilates disciplines – Mat, Springboard and Reformer - from three studios.

Sadly, following an eleven-year battle with Breast Cancer, Rebecca passed away in February 2022. Her spirit and passion for Coast Pilates lives on in the minds of everyone who knew her, including the Coast instructors and those who attended her classes.


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